13 Purple

13 Purple – Practice

Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 5:30-7:30

Location: SSMS or SGS


Power 1 Odd: Jan 21

Power 2 Odd: Feb 4

Power 3 Odd: Feb 25

Power 4 Odd: March 10

This button will take you to TM2. It lists schedules and results. During tournaments, you’ll want to save this link to see the schedule, rankings, and more. 



Locations vary across the RMR Region based on rankings and performance. The pools are reformatted weekly.

Locations are released 5 days before the tournament. It is the club’s goal to communicate this information and to book group hotels within the quickest window possible. Thank you for your patience with our admin team as we accommodate these goals.


This tournament is one day play starting at 8:00am and completed around 2:00pm.